[big edit because of things I was forgetting when I first wrote the post]

I’ve just been watching the excellent BBC production of Going Postal by Terry Pratchett & found myself seeing it riddled with subtext. On that I came to some thoughts about being Aspie & subtexts. Continue reading

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Mike Oldfield an Aspie?

Watching this video of Mike Oldfield, for me a long time favourite musician & composer , I can’t help but wonder if he is an Aspie. I know this business of speculating on whether someone is Aspie can be dodgy territory so I’m not being declarative, just considering the possibility, & here’s what I see… Continue reading

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The Emperor Has No Clothes

I found this post on The Houston Aspie Blogging Collective, & the one comment on it, provocative. It’s been a lifetime pattern for me to get people off-side by calling bullshit when I see it (& when I’m not feeling inhibited by social anxieties).

I have a highly rationalist inclination, even though it’s an effort because humans aren’t naturally entirely rational, & sometimes it feels like chasing an illusion. I persist with the rationalist approach because I see that as the only way to quality understanding of anything. Continue reading

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OpinelThis little knife is illustrative of something that I think could be symptomatic behaviour. It’s a lovely little thing, a French Opinel. It has a little collar that locks the blade either closed or open with a twist. In this photo it’s as far open as it will go without either turning the collar or forcing it. A few people have forced this one open, which makes the collar pop off. It doesn’t do any harm because the collar is spring steel & will snap back on. However when I see it happen I want to explode inside. I’ve learned to be chill about it but I’m thinking “Don’t you bother to think about how it works?” I’m not thinking the person doing it is stupid, just that they’re not bothering to think, & that annoys the hell out of me. Continue reading

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Beginning an Interesting Path

Today I commenced a walk down what is likely to be an interesting, & quite possibly illuminating, path. The path of diagnosis to whether I am Aspergers Syndrome. The first thing you might notice is that I just used ‘Aspergers Syndrome’ as an adjective. But isn’t it a noun? If you like, but that’s not how I’m going to use it here. Like left handedness it’s a characteristic of the person, possibly of me, & so an adjective.

Like left handedness Aspergers Syndrome is a difference not a deficit. We don’t talk of left handeness as something one has, like a disease or disability, & nor will I talk of Aspergers Syndrome that way. And like left handedness Aspergers Syndrome has it’s own strengths. Continue reading

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