21 x 1

I’ve long known I need to learn to type, & have tried a few times. A few days ago I decided to beat the monster into submission, put it out in public as a mild whip to myself, & become more productive. The first putting it out in public was this…

facebook typing post

To which Dear Rachel gave the advice “The current neuro training regimes suggest playing their games for about half an hour to an hour per day, I believe. I think current research into habit formation suggests 21 days is a minimum; 66 days is an average. Would have to find sources for that.” So 21 x 1, an hour a day for at least 21 consecutive days.

I know it’s going to hurt, I know it’s going to be frustrating because my typing (doing it properly) will slow down before it gets faster & better. For all that it has to be done, for dear friends, for my keyboard based work, for my ability to get what’s in my head to screen or page, & just for me. After many times putting it off because it’s not a good time, because of the immediate disruption, I’m convinced there’s no such thing as a good time so now it has must be.

The typing tutor I’m using, Master Key, gives drills of about 10 minutes so the full hour will be 6 drills. I did (or re-did because of previous attempts) 3 two days ago, then missed a day, so this becomes day 1 (because I stipulate “consecutive” to myself) & here is the result of drill 4…

Typing Drill 4

After just one of these drills my hands feel like great leaden lumps that are way too big for the keyboard & need a whole lot of flexibility exercise. Wish me success please friends.


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