Mike Oldfield an Aspie?

Watching this video of Mike Oldfield, for me a long time favourite musician & composer , I can’t help but wonder if he is an Aspie. I know this business of speculating on whether someone is Aspie can be dodgy territory so I’m not being declarative, just considering the possibility, & here’s what I see…

Mike Oldfield is noted for being painfully shy & even withdrawn, he had a breakdown following the success of Tubular Bells, & he doesn’t like performing live. In this video he doesn’t make any eye contact with the audience, except for one glance I don’t even see him look out at or into the audience. He’s totally inside himself, I’d guess focussed on playing as perfectly as he possibly can. His playing style isn’t showy, he doesn’t ‘shred’, but he plays beautifully & brilliantly. Likewise his guitar isn’t a showy model, but without knowing much about guitars I can be confident that it’s a damned good one. I just can’t imagine Mike using an inferior instrument.


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