OpinelThis little knife is illustrative of something that I think could be symptomatic behaviour. It’s a lovely little thing, a French Opinel. It has a little collar that locks the blade either closed or open with a twist. In this photo it’s as far open as it will go without either turning the collar or forcing it. A few people have forced this one open, which makes the collar pop off. It doesn’t do any harm because the collar is spring steel & will snap back on. However when I see it happen I want to explode inside. I’ve learned to be chill about it but I’m thinking “Don’t you bother to think about how it works?” I’m not thinking the person doing it is stupid, just that they’re not bothering to think, & that annoys the hell out of me.

Large Format CameraAnother facet is illustrated by this classic large format camera. Sadly I don’t own one but I have made a whole 4 photos using cameras like this & loved it. Using large format cameras is expensive, in Aussie terms every photo is at least $20 for film & developing without a print. It’s also a slow, comtemplative process where setting up & making just one photo can easily take an hour. I’m sure it becomes faster with practice but my 4 photos all took over an hour apiece. Large format photography invites you to be pedantic, to fuss over the details & over getting everything just right. Then there’s the detail, incredibly rich & fine detail. Because it uses a very big piece of film, & the resolution of film is at the molecular level, large format gives detail that can’t be matched by digital or smaller film. Those three things, the invitation to fussiness, the contemplative nature of the process, & the rich detail, are why I love large format photography.

Are these Aspie things? I don’t know yet but I expect I’ll find out.


About Pedro fp

A photographer; a cyclist; a lover of life, the earth, bicycles, people, cycle–sport, music, food gardening & beauty.
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